18 March 2014
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Open Studio Workshop 2014

Stac lenticulars col

This year’s Open Studio Workshop (OSW) has been split between two bases; the first three days were based in Ullapool with excursions north into the Assynt hills and the rest of the workshop has been at the Highland Photography base in Mellon Charles. We were blessed with incredible conditions for March in Assynt, with plenty of blue skies but also very unusual cloudscapes on occasion. The lenticular clouds pictured above lasted for only an hour or two, but were welcome none the less. Of course, as photographers, we’re never satisfied and the glorious blue skies that greeted us on the next day elicited some dismay. I led a party into Loch An Doire Dhuibh, at the back of Stca Pollaidh. The harsh sunlight meant that we concentrated on the shadowed areas but the old birch trees provided plenty of subjects.

backlit birches

Back in Mellon Charles we spent time editing and critiquing images as well as going out to local locations such as the wonderful grove of beech trees pictured below.

Dundonnel trunks 500

There are also some wonderful beaches backed by dune systems. In this image Keith and John are competing for different views, not shooting each other!

 Keith and John F

The OSW team – of Joe Cornish, Eddie Ephraums and I (backed up by organiser Adrian Hollister) – have both a wide and deep knowledge of very many aspects of photography. So, the clients on the workshop get hands on advice out in the field, as well as image critiques and in depth discussions about aesthetic and technical aspects of the art of photography. This approach leads to accelerated learning by completing the circle from finding an image, through making to post processing and its final rendering in a short time.

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