25 May 2014
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Images from Scotland…

I’ve just uploaded three more images from my trips to Scotland in March to the Latest Galery.


“Tattered” was made on a wet and windy evening in Shieldaig, at the mouth of Loch Torridon. This complex shape, worried and torn by the winter gales, deeply unsettled me when I chanced upon it. I couldn’t say exactly why but it filled me with intimations of doom. So why, you might ask, did I make an image of something that disturbed me?

Well, one of my guiding ideas is to always try and make an image of something that moves me, regardless of whether it be in a positive or negative way. Landscape photography is often relentlessly cheerful, but other moods strike us as we walk and I’m keen to try and give voice to these. As a card carrying pessimist I more often than not try to make optimistic images. I feel, rightly or wrongly, that this helps me reach some kind of equilibrium.

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Gruinard dunes and birches