6 July 2014

The Strange Incident of Three Legs in the Daytime…

Unusual things sometimes (!) happen on photo tours and workshops. Even stranger than this is the fact that rarely is anybody around to take photographs of such events. It seems that as landscape photographers many people are averse to making photographs of other subjects… Luckily (?) on this occasion someone was there to make a photographic record.

I’ll set the scene; we were about to travel across the central highlands of Iceland and Daniel Bergmann – my co-leader, great photographer and experienced Icelandic driver – had stopped to let some air out of the tyres. Some of the participants and I took the opportunity to stretch our legs. As is my wont, when the temperature is anything above 10C, I decided to discard the lower half of my trousers. In an effort to not feel the odd one out, I tried to enlist Roger A and Roger L into the select group of those wearing shorts – that’s right, just me at this point. Unfortunately, Roger A declined, citing past experiences of wearing shorts that had left him feeling both cold and inelegant – obviously not things that were going to deter me. He suggested, however, that he should make an image of one of my legs and a leg each belonging to “The Rogi”, as Rogers A and L came to be known.

As you can tell from the accompanying photos, what seemed like an innocent, if slightly odd request, soon deteriorated into farce. But I think that Roger A’s final image, after a little subtle P’shop manipulation, has a certain charm – despite the subject matter. I’m not sure that it would make it into his portfolio and sincerely doubt if it would score well in a photo competition, even though it complies with the judges’ desired objective of including three things. Perhaps that’s not important for, as Bartok noted, “Competition is for horses, not for artists.” I’ll leave you all to judge what kind of artists you think we are…

Three legs

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