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" A lot of my enjoyment of photography comes from learning. This is typically done through talking with others, reading books, magazine articles, blogs, etc. Part of the balance of having so much good information available (especially the writings that people make available for free online) is to contribute back by writing anything that I learn or experience. If you get something out of this great. If you care to comment to correct my many mistakes, I would greatly appreciate it. Landscape photography can be a lonely occupation but the conversations we have more than make up for that. "

13 November 2014
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Meeting of Minds – live streaming

It’s only just over a week until onLandscape magazine’s landscape photography conference takes place on 22nd and 23rd November, amongst some of Britain’s most dramatic countryside in the English Lake District. Billed as Europe’s biggest landscape photography event of the year it brings together some of the continent’s best known and loved photographers and the […]

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Rheged Cinema 300

31 August 2014


The last few months have been pretty hectic (with trips to Iceland, Harris, Snowdonia and Norway) but I’ve finally got around to processing the 5×4’s and getting Tim Parkin to scan them for me. I’ve just uploaded the first three images (from the east coast of Harris, southern Iceland and Snowdonia) and I want to […]

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Manish FB

11 July 2014

Iceland, revisited… Part 1

There are some places that keep calling you back. Places that you can never get your fill of. For me, Iceland is one of those places. I’ve been visiting its shores since 1999, long before it became a fashionable destination for landscape photographers. It was immediately apparent to me that I would need to come […]

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Saddle 300

6 July 2014

The Strange Incident of Three Legs in the Daytime…

Unusual things sometimes (!) happen on photo tours and workshops. Even stranger than this is the fact that rarely is anybody around to take photographs of such events. It seems that as landscape photographers many people are averse to making photographs of other subjects… Luckily (?) on this occasion someone was there to make a […]

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Legs bw 300

Legs 2 bw 300

Legs 3 bw 300

25 May 2014
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Images from Scotland…

I’ve just uploaded three more images from my trips to Scotland in March to the Latest Galery. “Tattered” was made on a wet and windy evening in Shieldaig, at the mouth of Loch Torridon. This complex shape, worried and torn by the winter gales, deeply unsettled me when I chanced upon it. I couldn’t say […]

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Gruinard dunes and birches

7 April 2014

Calm before the storm…

It’s hard to know when the inspiration for an image will strike us, the one thing that we can be certain of is that we should always obey its call. We never know if it will be the only opportunity we get. The photograph at the bottom of this page was made when I was […]

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Porthleven 300

18 March 2014
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Open Studio Workshop 2014

This year’s Open Studio Workshop (OSW) has been split between two bases; the first three days were based in Ullapool with excursions north into the Assynt hills and the rest of the workshop has been at the Highland Photography base in Mellon Charles. We were blessed with incredible conditions for March in Assynt, with plenty […]

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Shadow play 300

8 March 2014
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On Landscape 71

The latest issue of On Landscape is out now with Part One of my series “On Creativity” in which I look at the psychology of the creative process and reveal that it’s not the domain of the mystically gifted but an everyday part of the human condition.

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1 March 2014
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Images from Lakes, Yosemite and Montana…

I’ve just uploaded three images to the Latest Galery. They were made on three different photo tours over the last few months. The image above was the last to be made, during my visit to Yosemite in January 2014. I noticed the peculiar pattern of melting on the multi-day ice and then saw that a […]

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Autumnal larch 500

25 February 2014
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On Landscape 70

The latest issue of On Landscape is out now with a transcript of my recent webinar and a report by Joe Cornish on the Light & Land Yosemite tour co-led by Joe and me.

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