Some might ironically propose that landscape photography take “Location, location, location!” as its motto. Landscape photography is thought by many to simply be about describing wide views in exquisite detail. But this view ignores a growing body of work aimed not at merely describing the iconic places but at evoking emotional responses from anonymous places. This succinctly defines my own approach.

Rather than having a specific goal in mind I travel in expectation and with a receptive outlook. My aim is to connect to my subject rather than to acquire images. I aspire to my wise friend Kyriakos Kalorkoti’s desire to work with my subject not make images of my subject. I wish to see with the naivety and wonder of a child in order to see things afresh.

The vista is in some ways hidebound, the viewer’s interpretations fenced in by centuries of tradition. To move beyond denotation, simple description of the landscape, one needs to evoke emotional responses in the viewer. Abstraction, mystery, simplicity, beauty: these allow the viewer room to transcend the simple description.

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