As some of you will already know, I have been living in Botswana for the last two years. I have now returned to the UK and will offering a full program of tours and workshops in 2019. These will provide a range of teaching experiences from one-to-ones to fourteen day group tours in countries as diverse as Iceland and the USA. Whilst tours necessarily involve staying in hotels, the workshops are generally based in large country houses. My partner, Saskia, does all the cooking for the group, which means that we are free to photograph at the best times of the day and don’t need to fit our meals around a hotel’s timetable. Group sizes are between 5 and 7 participants so there’s plenty of opportunity for personal tuition within the group environment.

As well as offering workshops through my own company, David Ward Photo Tours, I also collaborate with other photographers whose work I admire, such as Icelandic photographer Daniel Bergmann. In September 2020, for instance, I will be running a Svarlbard landscape workshop through Daniel’s company. More info on this coming soon!


Current Availability

Scotland in Autumn;
27/10/19 to 3/11/19
Based near Pitlochry, Perthshire
£1,750pp, deposit £300

29/11/19 to 6/12/19
Based in Embleton
£1,700pp, deposit £300

All are full board and include transport during the workshop.

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Full details of these and all other workshops and tours for 2019 will be posted here as they are finalised.  So, please check back often.


My Workshop Ethos…

Forty year’s experience as a professional landscape photographer and twenty years as a photographic tutor mean that I am well qualified to teach the art of outdoor photography. I led over 100 photo tours and workshops for Light & Land, and a hundred more since I set up my own photographic tour & workshop company in 2011.

These experiences have taught me that if you want to dramatically improve your landscape photography in a short period there is no substitute for expert photographic tuition in the field. However, photography tutors work in many different styles. Some use the one size fits all approach and, rather than truly teaching, they simply lead their clients to ‘water’ and let them get on with fishing for photographs on their own… My approach is different; I am guided by the principle expressed in an ancient Chinese proverb,

“Give a man a fish you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish you feed them for life.”

Instead of simply ‘showing’ my clients ‘the picture’, my workshops and tours are designed to help participants’ develop their own ideas and approaches. On location I will provide cues and ideas to help open your eyes to different possibilities. Constructive, critique sessions are a cornerstone of this approach so all workshops include post-processing with Lightroom. I will examine participants’ images from both technical and aesthetic perspectives.  In order for this to work well I just ask that you come with an open mind.

In the field, my aim is to offer full support to clients on both artistic and technical issues. I will help you not only to render the image in the the most technically accomplished way but also to realise your vision – ultimately a much more important and satisfying goal.

But please don’t think this will be a dry and dusty experience. I’m always aware that this is my clients’ free time, a chance to explore their passion but also a time to be savoured and enjoyed. There will be plenty of laughs and fun alongside great opportunities for making images. Many of my clients have travelled with me for a decade or more, and more than one client have been on over 30 tours and workshops with me.  I feel that these figures speak for themselves.

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